HELLO ALL PEOPLE OF R.I.S JUST A LITTLE MESSAGE FROM ME, GOOD LUCK. Ok so the new students won’t know me, my name is Brodie and i am an ex-rangitaiki independent student. Ok so a couple of things i want you all to know, trust Sian with all of her comments growlings and homework, yes i know it is a drag but she is only trying to help you all pass NCEA and live a good life ^_^. Don’t do what i do and be VERY organized, it helps you a hell of a lot in NCEA, you may not believe me just trust me, t-r-u-s-t m-e. Make sure what you pick for your subjects YOU ACTUALLY LIKE THEM, if you dont like your subjects, your gonna have a hard life when you do the harder work, if you dont enjoy it you wont want to do it, if you dont want to do it you dont have the enthusiasm to compelte your work and thou shall fail thee work. try get into a routine of doing work and having a break when at home, it helps you both finish your work and enjoy yourself. Ok so matt and ethan if u know me than you would know i didnt write this to help you guys exactly but make you feel like your work is puny ^_^, feel lucky guys the work here is SIX TEACHERS WORTH, to make this worst maths, fifty questions, one day to finish them all, science six pages of work, ONE DAY, english, an essay, ONE DAY, and i think u guys get the point. But enjoy yourselves and listen to all your teachers do your work and be organized ^_^, this is Brodie, out


League of legends guide – MANTHEOOOON (pantheon)


Pantheon-League-of-Legends-Wallpaper-full-HD-9That’s riiight, it’s back and this time we are interviewing pantheon, here is what he have got from him so far “Kill first, ask later” “The enemy will know pain” “I’ve always wanted to be a baker”. So who is the best and most baddest of them all? (metaphorically, or I would have mentioned teemo here and there) HE IS SO BAD A$$ HE GETS THE NAME MANTHEON, HE IS SO BAD A$$ HE GETS $$$$$$$$ SIGNS, HE IS SO BAD A$$ HE HAS EXTRA FLAVOUR BOIIIIIII. Back to all seriousness this is pantheon, the artisan of war, with his shield and spear, pantheon ploughs through foes whilst taking no damage. now to his abilities, and how to play him.

His Passive – Aegis protection – After autoattacking or using an ability 4 times, Pantheon will block the next incoming turret attack or basic attack from an enemy champion, siege minion or large monster. With this passive you can basically tower dive enemies very early and win a kill, you will block the next AUTO ATTACK from ANYTHING but Baron And dragon.

His Q – Spear Shot – Pantheon throws a spear to any enemy within 600 range, the damage applied is 65/105/145/185/225 (+ 140% bonus AD) This skill has a 4 second cooldown and always costs 45 mana. long story short Low Cooldown+high damage+Low mana cost= Op as hell…… I cannot stress how strong this is

His w- Aegis Of Zeonia – This is yet another potent weapon at pantheons disposal, when activated pantheon leaps to his target within 600 range, it deals magic damage and stuns them for 1 second. It is good to note that this refreshes Aegis Protcetion (his passive), the damage is 50/75/100/125/150 (+100% AP) It costs 55 mana and has a cooldown of 13/12/11/10/9 seconds. Aegis of Zeonia can be played two ways, one is for an initiation (leap+stun) or two is to refresh your passive to massivly increase you’re survivability.

His E – Heartseeker Strike – This massivly increases Pantheons executionability (shhhhhh) It has a passive and an active, the passive is that both pantheons basic attacks and his Q (spear shot) will always critical strike an enemy that is below 15% health.

Tha Active is a channel, pantheon channels for 0.75 seconds whilst dealing 13/23/33/43/53 (60% AD) damage per .25 seconds this damage is double if hitting enemy champions.

His Ultimate (aka what makes pantheon MANTHEON) – Grand skyfall – When activated pantheon will channel for 2 seconds, after this he will leap into the air to an area within 5500 range (yes 5500) to which he will channel for another 1.5 seconds, after this he slams into the targeted are, the are is massive, I cannot put it into words but i will say around a 1000 radius from point circle is the are for enemies to be affected, enemies in a 700 radius from the point take 400/700/1000 damage nd are slowed for 1 second by 35%, this damage slowly fades the further the enemy is all the way to 200/350/500 damage and no slow is applied.


Now how to play pantheon, there are many (MANY) ways to play him and can play nearly if not all roles. you can go top lane to be a tank for the team and an initiator, you can play jungle to help all of you’re team members, this is allows you to get A LOT of farm and play any of the other roles (derpsupport, mage get spirit of the spectral wraith, For ADC get spirit of the elder lizard and for tank get spirit of the ancient golem) You can play adc thanks to you’re spear throw and support thanks to you’re stun. If you are playing top i would suggest starting with a dorans shield and a potion, although you can a ruby of health and potions if you feel like you can. If going mid Don’t feel bad to get a dorans ring and you’re q first to harass you’re enemy


the impossible

As my eyes opened to a haze a snippet of hope and peace could be spotted, a light. With a faint glow it grew in size confirming the beginning of a new morning. Feeling around my environment for any clue as to where I am, the scouting hand had found a cold substance and retaliated with a quick fling into the air, smashing back down onto the eerie substance and with a quick glance my eyesight identified it as a metallic object constructed like a frame supporting the wool of which I was lying on. Extending the length of my arm forming any shape needed to avoid the wooden objects blocking it’s path.

(un-finished) Last year sian said you cannot write a descriptive blog about waking up (she said to the entire class) and I’m here to prove her wrong ^_^

Are video games to violent.

No, it is not! Video games is a technological break through, it has brought many helpful things to our planet, besides video games are violent and non-violent it depends what you are comparing it to, is it violent compared to bunnies? No, but is it violent compared to two slaves being forced to fight each other to the death in front of hundreds of people with ones guts going onto the ground? Yes, so before you go all psycho rampant about the violence in video games just remember, all video games are are simulators about things that we could not do, could you try make a real life simulation about being in space for public use, no because this would cost millions.

Now we have cleared what games are let us talk about what they bring, they bring thousands if not millions of job opportunities for people, meaning less people are jobless, they provide a stress relief, meaning less people going and doing stupid things that get them in jail or dead, and above all else, it provides bragging rights, have you heard someone say “hey dude I just made a game but it came up with .null/.dll what do I do” no, because people are to busy ridding games instead of embracing games, I know a game that requires insane math and a good reaction time, riddle me this, if I deal 247 damage and attack once every .34 of a secondbut it is reduced by 73% and my opponent has 3420 health how long does it take me to kill them, heck half my basic facts knowledge comes from video games.

Logical writing

As the engine began the program shone into action with glorious titles, an announcement was made, the beginning of a new war had begun and all that could be seen were soldiers with their spears blades and staffs. All that stood between the two armies of five was a bridge rigged with traps and collapsing pieces, silence was heard for a moment, only the sound of a howling gale rising was heard, the eerie sound was broken with a loud shout followed by a charge as reinforcements had arrived to the battlefield, with a mighty swing followed by a denting blow the two handed swordsman had strike the first blow, knocking his opponent onto the ground he executes his opponent with a strike to the heart. Retaliating to the execution of his ally, the mighty roman leaped towards his foe with a mythical shield in one hand and a heart piercing spear in the other, smashing into his opponent whiled first he had dazed the swordsman frantically stabbing at his armour, the roman had pierced through it and with one devastating through of his spear, the swordsman had been slain.

What is the difference between being hot and being cold?

first of all there is a massive difference between being hot and cold, for instance when you are hot you can get things like heatstroke and what not, but with being cold there is hypothermia both can kill you but both are obtained through pretty much the exact opposite ways. so while being hot you’re temperature will go up, while being cold it goes down. if you get too hot or too cold there will be severe consequences to a point where it will result in death

This paragraph is about being hot, there are countless ways to get hot, most of them involving the sun seeing as it is the worlds main heat source. So if you get a little too hot you will begin to sweat more than normal and will get a bit more thirsty than usual, this isn’t too serious but if it gets worst you can get heat stroke or heat exhausting this can lead to being dizzy, weak even go into a coma then lead to death. This is as said before obtained by being to hot, excising can increase you’re heat, same as being in the sun.

So we have covered what it is like to be too hot or even just hot, this time we will cover being cold, if you are cold you will notice goosebumps, what are goosebumps? well if you look at you’re skin while being warm, it is smooth and normal, but if you look while you are too cold you will notice there are many bumps on you’re skin, this is nothing serious. But if you get colder you can get hypothermia, which is a lot more deadly, hypothermia is caused when you’re body temperature drops to low there are to many symptoms to put in a list but in a short list there is, loss of balance, slow breathing, slurred words and pale skin. In order for one to be too cold there is only a limited amount of natural methods, such as being in the Antarctica, snow or jumping into a pool of liquid lower than you’re body heat.

So as you can see the difference between being hot and cold is both very different but very similar at the same time they have different methods of getting too hot/cold, different side effects if one gets to cold or hot but have the same outcome, the environment effects how hot/cold you are and many more, now although it is deadly to be too cold or too hot, in both are needed for a human to survive. Lucky enough we are at the perfect temperature to be both living and surviving. There are many more differences


The Arachnid

Firstly, may I suggest that those who have arachnophobia stop reading this now because we are going to discuss about spiders in great detail. What special features do spiders have?  They are very unique, they have many eyes, similar to a fly but have 8 legs allowing them to travel fast (for their size). This allows them to catch up or run away from those that are too slow, as well as see very well in many directions allowing them to be able to have a higher chance to survive.

They also have a special ability of making webs.  Webs are very imortant to them as this is how they catch their source of food.they are the only thing (that i know) that can make webs, a web is the spiders main food really, no they don’t eat the web but anything that gets caught in one and is small enough will get stuck there for either ever, for a  very long time or until a spider comes along and eats it. If you are wondering “how can a spider move on it then?” well good question, one that i don’t know the answer to and am to lazy to search it up.

just a little spooky fact one of the most poisonous spider lives in you’re house, the daddy long legs, they are very very poisonous and eat white tails for breakfast, So you may be shivering in you’re boots right now but good news is they can not bite you, they’re fangs are to small to do any damage to a human, but as mentioned before kill white tails with it, meaning that these spiders aren’t that bad to keep in you’re house, that is if you have a white tail problem of course.

Now what predators do spiders  have? this really depends on the spider, while the most common is the bird, the bird is a very good hunter towards spiders, why? well because they have excellent vision, fast reflexes and have a flying advantage over spiders, depending on where a spider lives lizards are also another predator, they have a massive speed advantage over spiders allowing them to catch to them easy enough. But if we are talking about spiders that live on the water typically toads would deal with them